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Welcome to The Gujarati Mandal of Central Ohio.

Please Note: Starting May 2024, GMOCO offers life membership option only.

President’s Charter

The president’s charter provides a general direction and goals to the executive committee. Contents of the charter are based on objectives listed in the GMOCO Constitution Article III. For the years 2023-2024 GMOCO will focus its events and activities to:

  1. Rebuild GMOCO | મંડળ નું પુનઃનિર્માણ
  2. Promote Gujarati Culture & Heritage | સંસ્કૃતિ અને વારસાને પ્રોત્સાહન
  3. Seek Representation from the Next-Gen | નવી પેઢી માંથી પ્રતિનિધિત્વ
  4. Enhance Accountability & Transparency | જવાબદારી અને પારદર્શિતા
  5. Give Back to the Community & Environment | સ્થાનિક સમુદાય અને પર્યાવરણ ને મદદ 

Rebuild GMOCO

Our community has been through a lot in the last three years. Even though GMOCO has hosted a few events during this time, a lot more coming together as a community still needs to happen. I seek your support in making our events a success by making them inclusive so that everyone feels welcome. In addition, to bringing our community together, we also need to rebuild our organizational infrastructure - the website, ticketing platform, and payment gateway need to be revamped. We need to reach more Gujaratis via email, social media, and WhatsApp. Your suggestions in this matter are welcome.

Promote Gujarati Culture & Heritage

Sustaining and perpetuating Gujarati culture and heritage is at the core of GMOCO. In fact, two of the six objectives in the GMOCO Constitution Article III are related to culture and heritage. GMOCO events will have an extra focus on prioritizing performances that promote the Gujarati culture. In addition, we will be introducing three new initiatives to promote our culture and heritage amongst our community and to the mainstream Central Ohio Community. Find out more about Gujarati Competition during Holi, Garba & Dandiya Workshop and Cultural Ambassador during Navratri. 

Accountability & Transparency

We will implement several items to make sure accountability & transparency is at the core of our administrative tasks. This includes - preparing and publishing event accounts summary within two weeks of an event, all registrations via online forms, maintaining a record of items owned by GMOCO, and collecting and posting feedback for each event, to name a few.

Seek Representation from the Next-Gen

As an organization, we are at a pivotal juncture in our growth. While we have 350+ life and 10-year members, few have joined in the last 5 years. Moreover, not many belong to the Millennial generation. For GMOCO to stay relevant a decade from now, we must adapt our events and create initiatives to attract this generation. We have made a conscious effort to bring this group into our planning and execution. As a result, each GMOCO sub-committee will have at least one representative from this generation. In addition, special consideration will be given during event planning to adapt our events and create initiatives to foster participation from the next generation.

Community & Environment

The Gujarati community has lived and prospered in Central Ohio since 1967. GMOCO intends to organize/participate in at least two events that give back to the mainstream community in Central Ohio. Our food team will be especially mindful of reducing food and paper product waste. The facilities team will work with the event venue to make sure we are able to recycle at all our events. 

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