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Welcome to The Gujarati Mandal of Central Ohio.

Please Note: Starting 2024, GMOCO offers life membership option only.

2023 The Year In Review

We started 2023 with a vision powered by the President's Charter, enthusiasm to revive our organization and most importantly the purest of intentions. The year 2023 has been far-from-ordinary for GMOCO. With having to rebuild the infrastructure, organize four flagship events and launch six (6) brand new initiatives; a lot of effort has gone into getting us where we are today. I am overjoyed to report that we successfully accomplished each of the items mentioned above and the state of our મંડળ is STRONG!


Brought the Gujarati community together in Central Ohio via 4 flagship events (Holi Mela, Picnic, Garba & Dandiya, Diwali Gala) , 1 extra event (Natak), and 2 participation events. Over 90% of feedback respondents were satisfied⭐ or very satisfied🤩 with their experience at our events.

Launched a new user-friendly👍🏽 and mobile-accessible📱 website that is the backbone of GMOCO's online presence🌐, easy-to-use ticket sales platform🎟️, secure payment gateway🔐, membership records and mass emails.

Implemented six band new initiatives: Gujarati Competition, Garba & Dandiya Workshop, Cultural Ambassador, Junior Garba Jam, Kanya Puja, and Extra Fun at the Picnic that included Open Mic, Face Painting, Gujarati Story Time, Bring Your Own Kite Flying, Alum Creek Dam Tour, Butterfly Exhibit and Chalk Art Contest.

Rebranded 💡 GMOCO with a new logo that includes the ધર્મ ચક્ર, our કર્મ ભૂમિ - the state of Ohio, our જન્મ ભૂમિ - the state of Gujarat along with a bold, modern, and symmetric typeface. 🆕 Click here to learn what the new logo represents.

Launched an annual sustaining membership program - Friends of GMOCO (FoGMOCO) 🤝🏽 that provides a dependable base of annual revenue 🧡 allowing the Executive Committee to focus on delivering engaging programs for the community instead of always worrying about the financials of each program

Increased membership by 15.5% 🏅 with 11 new life members, 13 new 10-year members and 38 annual members. નવા સભ્યો, 🙏🏽 તમારું હાર્દિક સ્વાગત છે!

Expanded our reach and visibility by adding 540 💬 new members to the GMOCO WhatsApp Announcement group . Enlarged the email distribution list by adding 452 ✉️ verified new subscribers. Added 303 new accounts to and created 1000s of impression on social media.

Donated 36 pounds of canned food 🥫 during the Picnic food drive. During the Diwali Gala we donated 135 books📚 and 45 pounds of toys🧸.

Introduced plastic recycling♻️ at all of our events. With our Bring Your Own Bottle program at the Picnic, we avoided using 300 plastic bottles.

None of these accomplishments would have been achievable without the work and dedication of the following teams: Executive Committee, General Committee, Board of Trustees, Nomination Committee, Constitution Committee, Volunteers, Sponsors, Event Vendors, Booth Vendors, Performers, Choreographers, Parents, and our Community.

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