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Welcome to The Gujarati Mandal of Central Ohio.

Please Note: Starting May 2024, GMOCO offers life membership option only.


What does the new logo represent?


The Chakra is borrowed from the flag of the Republic of India. Also referred to as the Dharma Chakra, it stands as a symbol of the path of righteousness. A chakra (wheel) is always in motion which intends to show that there is life in movement and death in stagnation. 

The Chakra in the GMOCO logo reminds us that doing the right thing should be the foundation of any community organization. Like a wheel, it inspires us to keep turning (bring positive changes) because it is important to adapt to a changing environment.


The State of Ohio

Our Karma Bhoomi - the state of Ohio, has embraced us with open arms allowing us to prosper and settle in this new land far away from our motherland. In 1967, three Gujarati families started GMOCO in Columbus, Ohio. Fifty-five years on, GMOCO is one of the oldest Gujarati organizations in North America. The map of the state of Ohio reminds us to always be grateful for the opportunities afforded to us by our new home.


The State of Gujarat

Our Janma Bhoomi - the state of Gujarat, has gifted us such a rich culture and heritage. The map of the state of Gujarat reminds us that preserving and promoting our language, history, norms, values, traditions, and food should be at the core of everything we do.


GMOCO Typeface

The bold, modern, and symmetric typeface represents the new attitude and spirit of our મંડળ (organization). With this new logo, a progressive charter, and out-of-the-box initiatives, we are ready to elevate this organization to newer heights.

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