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Welcome to The Gujarati Mandal of Central Ohio.

Please Note: Starting May 2024, GMOCO offers life membership option only.




How long is my annual membership valid till?

The annual membership remains valid for the calendar year and will expire on December 31st of the year it was purchased.

How long is my ten year membership valid till?

Valid for 10 years from the date of purchase.

How many discounted tickets can be purchased with the membership?

Membership allows you to purchase up to 6 discount priced tickets for each event. More tickets can be purchased at regular price.

Where can I see my member discounted price tickets?

To see member discount price tickets, the event ticket needs to be added to the cart, and user can see discount at checkout.

Having trouble logging in to the website?

If you remember the email but not your password, please proceed with forgot your password.

If you don't remember the email associated with your GMOCO account, please provide us with your phone number and address so that we can assist you in locating the email linked to your account.

How do I support GMOCO?

We appreciate your enthusiasm for supporting GMOCO. You have various ways to show your support, such as joining as a member, becoming a sponsor, making a donation, volunteering, becoming a vendor, and attending our events.

How do I purchase event tickets?

You can purchase event tickets directly from our website

How do I purchase membership?

You can purchase different types of memberships directly from our website

How to contact GMOCO?

You can call or text us at 614.349.6685 or email at

How can I volunteer at GMOCO?

Please reach out to us using options below and we can discuss volunteering opportunities:

Call or text us at 614.349.6685
or email at

How do I print the individual tickets out so that I can give them to my family/friends as they will come separate from me?

The first person to check-in should collect all bands.

Member Discount will apply on check out page.


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