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Welcome to The Gujarati Mandal of Central Ohio.

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Diwali Gala Seating FAQ

What is the difference between an individual ticket and table of 10?

An individual ticket (adult or child) is guaranteed a seat at one of the open tables. A table of 10 will be pre-assigned and be closer to the dance floor and stage as compared to open tables. Plus, it’s more fun to sit with your peeps. So if you are able, get your friends to attend this fun year-end gala and purchase a table. And BTW, save $5 per seat!  

I have a child under five. Do I really have to hold them in my lap for the entire duration of the program?

We will try our best to accommodate space for children under five. In most cases, one child under five on a table should be fine. If you are on a table with more than one child under five, you may have to move to another table to make it more comfortable for your family.

Is there a benefit to purchasing a table of 10 early?

Absolutely! The sooner you purchase, the more likely for your table to be closer to the dance floor and stage as compared to other tables of 10 purchased later. 

I have children (between 5 and 12 years) that are part of a group of 10 on my table. Will GMOCO honor children's ticket price ($35) for them?

Unfortunately, not. Apologies. 

I am not able to form a group of 10 and purchase a table so I will be purchasing individual tickets. But I want to make sure my family of four gets to sit together.

Individual ticket holders are welcome to arrive early and find seats on an open table for your family to sit together. We request that you cooperate with GMOCO volunteer ushers as they try to find the best seating for your family.

I am a sponsor/Friend of GMOCO. How do I redeem my tickets and make it part of a table that my friends/relatives are purchasing?

Just like the Garba & Dandiya event, you should have received the GMOCO gift card for your complimentary tickets. You can use this gift card to redeem any Diwali Gala tickets you prefer. You may combine gift card with an additional form of payment to purchase as well. If your friend\relative is purchasing a table, you may share the gift card details with them to pay for your share.

I am purchasing a table of 10. Will I get to pick what table I sit at?

A table of 10 will be pre-assigned to your group. A table of 10 will be closer to the dance floor and stage as compared to open tables.

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