Thank you for your interest in sponsoring events for Gujarati Mandal of Central Ohio! We’re excited to share with you an opportunity to increase your visibility in our community!

As a fast-growing community in Columbus OH, we are excited to share with you our sponsorship opportunities that allow our community to continue to grow wider and serve larger audiences. During the past years, Gujrati Mandal has grown in numbers and has helped nurture the Indian culture, values and tradition within the community. We foster oneness not just within the Gujrati community but encourage community participation from all other Indian communities as well. Thus providing you visibility to a much larger audience.

Why Should Your Company Sponsor the GMOCO Events?

Build a Brand in an Influential Community
GMOCO has strong brand identification within the Indian Community enabling you to build up your company’s image. Our sponsors gain value from association with GMOCO and our mission to pursue the creation of high value contributions to Columbus. Your investment in these events makes possible the continued efforts that GMOCO puts to provide memorable events for generations.

Increase Credibility and Be Memorable
Each sponsor is special to us and we do our best to promote your business. Our exclusion of heavily commercial sponsorships makes our sponsorship opportunities credible and memorable in our growing community. Maintaining a distinguished approach to your sponsorship is respected by our community and increases your sponsorships effectiveness.

Connect More Effectively With a Growing Community
GMOCO enables your company to begin a long-term relationship with the community in a meaningful way, providing another avenue of support beyond traditional advertising.

Sponsorship options in 2017
Listed below are our levels of sponsorship you or your company can provide to GMOCO.
Global Event Sponsors


Community sponsors are those individuals or companies that are providing financial support to the event directly, and in exchange for their monetary sponsorship, we provide various forms of recognition.

What is the next step?

It is very easy to become a GMOCO sponsor.

1. Just review our packages listed above to see event details to decide on a level you want to sponsor.

Gujarati Mandal of Central Ohio-sponsor Welcome letter


2. Then once you are ready to move forward you can simply send us an email to with the Sponsorship package you are interested in.
3. After signing the sponsorship agreement attached below our treasurer will send you the invoice via email which you will be able to pay online using PayPal.
4. After payment is received you will get listed as a sponsor.

Please contact us at if you have any additional questions