Thank you for your interest in sponsoring events for the Gujarati Mandal of Central Ohio (GMOCO). As a fast-growing community in Columbus OH, we foster oneness not just within the Gujarati community but encourage participation from all other Indian communities as well. During the past years, Gujarati Mandal has grown in numbers and hosts an array of activities and programs throughout the year including Holi, Picnic, Navratri and Diwali/year end gala

Why Should Your Company Sponsor GMOCO Events?

GMOCO has effectively leveraged its solid foundation and developed relationships within the community with well-heeled prospects. In our effort to acquire new supporters and continued exposure we help local businesses increase their visibility and public awareness. Your participation in GMOCO events connects your work to their supporters and customers, gaining you a powerful brand association.

Build a Brand in an Influential Community

Over the years, GMOCO has become a premier brand in our community. It has become the unequivocal voice for an emerging group of South Asians, who excel in every aspect of society, from business to politics to the arts. GMOCO nurtures relationships with organizations, which thereby has the power to elevate both brands and evolve into a long-term agreement.

Increase Credibility and Be Memorable

GMOCO has a strong set of core values which is what any successful partnership hinges on. We wish to cultivate an understanding and appreciation of Gujarati culture, language, music, arts and cuisine, this is promoted in each event with folk dances, fashion shows, talent competitions and a variety of stage performances from local artists.

Connect More Effectively with a Growing Community

GMOCO can reach 5000 community members via email, social media, and direct mail. Average projected attendance/participation rate for our signature events is close to 800+ members which encompasses a wide demographic. It provides a unique opportunity to promote your company’s interests to a diverse population, especially through our partnership with many charities.

Sponsorship options in 2019

Listed below are our various levels of sponsorship


What’s Next? 

It is very easy to become a GMOCO sponsor

  1. After reviewing our package listed above, download the sponsorship pledge form. ->link to form<-
  2. Print the form, fill in as much information as you can provide.
  3. Tick the selected sponsorship level on the form and sign it.
  4. Mail the completed form and the check for sponsorship amount to the mailing address listed on the form.
  5. After payment is received you will get listed as a sponsor and will start enjoying all the benefits of the selected sponsorship level.

Contact us at or 614.285.GUJU (4858) if you have any additional questions or concerns