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GMOCO is bringing Superhit Gujarati Drama Mummy Mari Yamuna Ame Ena Namuna to Columbus,OH

We were able to work with our promoters and YES we are bringing back the original dram “Mummy Mari Yamuna Ena Ame Namuna”


This Drama is complete FREE of Charge to all the Members who bought the tickets previously and came to the Drama.

Let us say it again. The Dram is complete FREE of charge to all the members who bought the tickets previously or came to the Drama Event.
We already have your names in our database for members who bought the tickets and came to the dram event.

Provide your names at Check-in desk we can give you the wrist bands.

Didn’t bought the ticket ? You still have a chance


Members who did not buy the tickets and still want to come and enjoy the Drama can purchase the tickets online for $20 and VIP for $50.

Please, come and Enjoy the superhit Drama Mummy Mari Yamuna Ame Ena Namuna

Only Few tickets left ! Hurry !
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